DJ Lynnée Denise pens liner notes for Saul Williams 'Encrypted and Vulnerable' album

DJ Lynnée Denise is a firm believer of the late Amiri Baraka’s assertion that more black people should write liner notes for black people. This belief was inspired by his lifelong relationship with black music criticism and his belief that white critics tend to struggle to humanize black artists, engaging the music solely as entertainment, as opposed to an active site for meaningful scholarship. That said, DJ Lynnée Denise was honored to write her first set of liner notes for an artist she’s followed for years, Saul Williams. Encrypted and Vulnerable, is the second in a series of three albums and part of the multi-tiered MartyrLoserKing projectthegraphic novel and sci-fi cinematic musical written and directed by Williams himself. The new album, Encrypted and Vulnerable was released in July 19 and can be streamed on all major platforms. Click this link for the liner notes.

Entertainment with a Thesis