DJ Scholarship with Lynnée Denise in Jo'burg for Black Portraitures III

Lynnée Denise was invited to share her work on DJ Culture and house music by scholar and futurist Ruha Benjamin of Princeton University. Her main argument was that DJs, alongside musicologists and cultural theorists, literary scholars and historians, are among those best equipped to decode and unlock messages found in the hidden transcripts of black musical products. And that they should therefore be consulted and included in the production of black music scholarship. The panel, Pan African Futures: Exploring Race as Technology, Afrofuturism as Methodology, featured world renown academic scholar Achille Mbembe on the subject of Afropolitanism, and Ingrid Lafleur on AFROTOPIA: Detroit Afrikan Futures as Resistance. 


DJ Lynnée Denise & Friends at California African American Museum

DJ Lynnée Denise was invited to curate the music segment of the California Museum's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop' seasonal exhibition opening celebration. Featured artists/exhibitions included, The Ease of Fiction Genevieve Gaignard: Smell the Roses Politics, Race, and Propaganda: The Nazi Olympics, Berlin 1936, Hank Willis Thomas: Black Righteous Space and Taking Place: Selections from the Permanent Collection. Lynnée Denise invited Joi and Rashida Robinson to draw from their collective music libraries that spanned across genre and era. Shout out to new Deputy Director who will brought some of her Studio Museum (Harlem) spirit to the black visual arts world in Cali! 

The event was one of the most successful and had one of the largest turnouts of the year. Please continue to support the efforts of the museum, donate by becoming a member now.




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