DJ Lynnée Denise premiers DJ Scholarship and Misery Resistance at London's ICA

DJ Lynnée Denise coined the term ‘DJ Scholarship’ in 2013 to explain DJ culture as a mixed-mode research practice – subversive in its ability to shape and define social experiences and shifting the public perception of the DJ as a purveyor of party music to an image of the DJ as an archivist who assesses, organizes and provides access to music with critical value.

In this talk, DJ Lynnée Denise explores her notion of ‘misery resistance’ through the work of the late, renowned novelist, essayist, editor and professor Toni Morrison and writer and theorist Saidiya Hartman. DJ Lynnée Denise designed ‘misery resistance’ – an analytical DJ tool – to excavate the work and interior lives of well-known and unsung Black women artists and public intellectuals. Tracing the intellectual lineages initiated by Morrison and Hartman, DJ Lynnée Denise probes ideas of liberation in Morrison’s nonfiction work and highlights representations of sonic liberation practice in Hartman’s most recent book Wayward Lives: Beautiful Experiments.


DJ Lynnée Denise Co-curates screening of rare Baldwin film “From Another Place” in London with LUX

To accompany our current BL CK B X exhibition where did we land, LUX and Lynnée Denise are delighted to screen James Bladwin from Another Place. The film will screen for only the second time in London followed by a discussion between BL CK B X artist Rabz Lansiquot and DJ Scholar Lynnée Denise.

From Another Place, shown for only the second time in London since its 1970 release. The film, directed by Baldwin’s good friend Sedat Pakay, was shot in Istanbul, Turkey, where Baldwin was living and writing. The film details the author talking about living abroad, the black experience in America, and his ‘controversial’ private life.


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