DJ Lynnée Denise & filmmaker Jenn Nkiru in conversation: Black to Techno London Premier.

DJ Lynnee Denise joined filmmaker Jenn Nkiru on stage for an artist talk following Nkiru’s Black to Techno London premier August 6. The film opens with a series of vignettes of long-forgotten archive film paired with original shot footage by Jenn Nkiru, ‘Black to Techno’ explores the roles played by history, technology, geography and race that lead to the creation and emergence of techno as a sound. The film is ushered in by a series of voice-over interviews with leading academics and musicians. ‘Black to Techno’ presents an original and fresh narrative on the most influential sound in modern electronic music. DJ Lynnée Denise and other artists including Dream Hampton, Greg Tate and Kodwu Eshun are all featured in the film helping to contextualize both Detroit and techno music.


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