DJ Lynnée Denise Joins Chuck D and Local Activists at USC

DJ Lynnée Denise grew up on the radical sounds of Public Enemy, so imagine her surprise when USC Law Professor Jody Armour invited her to participate, both as a DJ and contributing panelist (from the tables), to discuss “What Cannot Be Said: Freedom of Expression in a Changing World.” The panel included a range of artists, activists, and scholars all using their work to inspire critical consciousness about the history of music, the role that activism plays in shaping popular culture, and the importance of reviewing hip-hop lyrics as readable text to understand important perspectives—from the streets to the academy. Panelists included Chuck D from Public Enemy, Dr. Melina Abdullah (Black Lives Matter LA) and Chair of the California State University Los Angeles Pan African Studies Department, Leila Steinberg and Erik Nelson. The panel discussion addressed the history of resistance through subversive hip-hop, calling on audience to consider the importance of using your art to promote social change. Members of the Zulu Nation (Afrika Bambatta), were among the highly engaged audience. This event took place Sunday January 24, 2016.

Entertainment with a Thesis