DJ Lynnée Denise in France for James Baldwin Conference

In May 2016, DJ Lynneé Denise was invited to share her research on James Baldwin at the American University of Paris conference, titled “A language to Dwell In: James Baldwin, Paris and International Visions.” Her paper, “Please Don’t let me be Misunderstood: The Relationship Between James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry & Nina Simon,” was written with the intention to think more deeply about the number of unnamed and unpopular people who inspire and helped to develop the beautiful ones who get plucked from our communities and presented as exceptional negroes. Some of the foundational questions in her paper were, who introduced Baldwin to literature and spoke to him about France as a viable place to live outside of America? Before 'Mississippi Goddam,' who did Nina Simone turn to when processing death as a form of punishment to those in the movement? And prior to “A Raisin in the Sun,” who were the women Lorraine Hansberry was in contact with when developing her brand of second wave black feminism? Lynnée Denise argued that "all of our greats have inspirations, mentors or peers whom they worked with to craft the notable master pieces we love."

Click the African Voices magazine image below the Baldwin conference flyer to read a published excerpt from Lynnée Denise's paper.

Click the image below for excerpt of "Don't Let me be Misunderstood: The Relationship between James Baldwin, Lorraine Hansberry and Nina Simone"


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