The Rhythm Healing Sessions

I am guilty of watching Eric Garner die at least 30 times. I stayed glued to the news and social media and watched the story and the rage unfold on the streets. But how much can we take? What choice do I have in learning the gruesome details of dehumanization and police brutality in America? I teamed up with the Black owner/woman chef of My Two Cents Alisa Reynolds and decided to organize an event where I could channel some of the hurt and frustration through music. The Rhythm Healing Sessions are here. Everything that happens to us as Black Americans and our people in the African Diaspora for that matter, can be found in our music. I'm turning to these living archives for sanity and peace and looking to fellow artists to keep telling our stories. I'll be spinning for the first time in my hometown Los Angeles and this entire set is dedicated to Latasha Harlins and all the other Black women whose names get lost in the conversation of police and state sanctioned violence in our communities. 

Entertainment with a Thesis